Virtual Duke and Durham

The Virtual Duke project focuses on modeling the Duke campus in Google Sketchup and places models in Google Earth with rich annotations. Students also created informative video tours through the content. Virtual Durham partners with Trudi Abel, whose Digital Durham project forms the basis of the Walltown Neighborhood History Project collaboration in Summer 2010. We are also considering a "two cities" project with our collaborators at Jacobs University in Bremem, Germany. Ongoing efforts.


Multimedia Mapping: Muhuru Bay, Kenya

The ISIS Mapping Project partners with Duke Global Health researchers led by Sherryl Broverman and DukeEngage/WISER students to develop layered, multimodal, geo-located, map-based representations of a rural region in Kenya for research and discovery. Collaborators included Eve Puffer, Eric P Greene and many students and community members. Ongoing effort.


Virtual Crystal Palace

The Virtual Crystal Palace Project, begun in Fall 2009 in the Virtual Realities Focus Cluster, encourages students to consider virtual exhibition spaces within the context of nineteenth-century practice as well as contemporary immersive virtual world environments. The next goal is to combine models of the building with exhibit info in an immersive, georeferenced space that includes original source materials, network diagrams of relationships, and flows of content and people over time.

damo's model of cp from Google 3D Warehouse used here


This project opened at the CHAT festival in February 2010 as an experiment led by Joyce Rudinsky from UNC-- 'Psychasthenia' is an immersive artwork and psychological diagnostic environment. Therapeutic clients plug into the system's sensors and navigate an expressive exterior space that changes according to their actions and responses to multimodal stimuli. The system's media elements and user experiences are inspired by historical and contemporary diagnostic literature of the psychasthenic psychological disorder, which is characterized by phobias, obsessions, compulsions, or excessive anxiety. The experience of voyaging through the system reveals the unique character of the client's inherent pathology and its lived expression, culminating in a summary diagnosis to carry back into daily life and interactions.




The new MFA Program in Experimental and Documentary Arts was approved! The first class will enroll in Fall 2011. I'll be teaching a new grad course in the program called 'Computational Media' as well as various electives. See the Duke News coverage, "Degrees of Attention," November 18, 2010.

General Opining

Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds

The Duke ISIS Oasis and Duke Metaverse are Second Life islands "owned" by Ouida Basevi on behalf of ISIS. Students and faculty from various programs create content here. We are also exploring the use of the Croquet platform, OpenCobalt, which is being developed in part by ISIS faculty affiliates, Julian Lombardi and Mark McCahill, and OpenSim for new projects, including a virtual Sim Lab at Duke Hospital.


CHAT Festival 2010

The first Collaborations: Humanties, Arts, and Technology festival was held in February 2010. I helped with the organization, and put together a gallery of triangle-area student work. We plan to host the next one at Duke in 2012...



The SIGGRAPH digital arts community hosts galleries, papers etc. every year. I have been involved in various ways, and was very lucky to be able to organize a new exhibit and set of talks on 'Information Aesthetics' in 2009.


Virtual Clinic

Duke Continuing Medical education, led by Gwen Murphy, is developing a "virtual clinic" to assist in the training of medical residents. This project, which is built on the Unity Game Engine will include ISIS students in scenario-building in year three of the grant. I am consulting on the design and technical aspects of the project in anticipation of ISIS student involvement in 2011-12.



Assistant Research Professor, Visual Studies and New Media
Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies

East Duke 111A

Program Director
Information Science + Information Studies

Smith Warehouse, Bay 11-A233

Lecturing Fellow, Department of English

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Smith Warehouse and Visual Studies Initiative Infrastructure

The Smith Warehouse renovation in Bay 11 upstairs was an opportunity for the Visual Studies Initiative to find a home at Duke. I helped coordinate efforts between us as "clients" and the builders, contractors, etc. who created the space for us. I am also involved in the planned conversion of the Carpentry Shop into workspace for faculty and graduate projects in our Masters and PhD programs to create a "Warehouse Arts District" for the campus.